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Powerful Upcoming Christian Movies 2023 - Not My Man


1. Problem Deflated

2. Found and Lifted

3. Purple Roses

1. Problem Deflated: In this inspirational movie, Jane and her husband, Kevin struggle with infertility. Gina, Kevin's girlfriend distracts Kevin from his marriage with her pregnancy. The unfolding truth about the pregnancy leads to the deflation of Jane's marriage problem.

2. Found and Lifted: Sylvia (Karen Abercrombie) supports Jane (Jane John-Nwankwo) as she embarks on the survival journey after an abusive marriage. Movie is exclusively available on Lewabo.

3. Purple Roses: Karen Abercrombie portrays Meredith, the mother of a 40 year old Kayla struggling to start a business. Purple Roses is a Romantic movie of tenacity and success. Movie is coming soon exclusively on Lewabo.